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"Devil-Flees" Benedictine Family Hearts, Stay Connected, 4 pcs

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Samantha H. 

"I can not say how beautiful these hearts are in person and how they came packaged with such love and care. I will be ordering more very soon. The responses to my emails were fast and personal."

Jodi K. 

"I LOVE MY HEART! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH THAT THIS IS APPRECIATED. I can truly say that God is working through you and the talents that you have received. I know because you couldn't have picked a better time to send this to me. I also love Psalm 67. Thank you doesn't seem enough. I love you and your Family for making my spiritual life stronger."



Background of the Benedictine Hearts (read with discernment please)

After making these Benedictine Hearts for several weeks, Oblate Patrick Campbell had a  dream.  He  saw himself,   holding the Benedictine Hearts on his hands as if presenting it to an audience.   From no where, the devil rushed in  and started to scream, howl and curse him for these beautiful Benedictine Hearts.  He woke up in terror and immediately prayed for peace. 

After prayers, he knew that he has to bring this Benedictine Hearts to families. 


Product Highlights

  • Wooden heart ( The design, that is, the shape and wood used, varies according to supply since it is a handcrafted item)

  • St. Benedict medal embedded on the wooden heart 

  • A wooden treasure box to put the sacramental (design varies upon availability)

  • Enrollment in our daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, Holy Masses and rosary.

  • A prophecy scroll, that is, a  Scripture verse to inspire the recipient in their current state of life 

  • Touched to the First Class Relic of the True Cross, thus you heart after purchased becomes a 3rd class relic.


Benedictine Hearts Video, Pocket size


Benedictine Hearts

 A St. Benedict medal is embedded in the wooden hearts, which represents the union of two species of wood,  like a husband and wife coming from two different backgrounds merging into "one".  From their union comes the "ultimate love", the sacrifice of loving one another and supporting each other in the journey to heaven.  And, if our Lord allows the union to raise children together, to bring these souls back to God through a life of prayer for their children.

The heart represents the commitment to love one another, inspite of the trials of life, by putting our Lord's Heart as the center of family life.    

With a Benedictine blessing, an unconditional indulgence is given to those who will "wear, kiss the medal" or "hold" it between the hands and venerate it with faith during the moment of death.   The usual condition to gain merit is the person must commend his or her soul to God,  go to sacramental confession, and receive the Eucharist or Holy Communion.  If for some reason, a person is unable to do this,   he or she can call on the "Holy Name of Jesus" and in the heart have a contrition or repentance of sin.  

Another possibility of a partial indulgence is given to those who will "wear, kiss, or hold" the medal with faith.



An original design by Oblate Patrick Campbell, our products come with a prayer commitment.  The  Benedictine Hearts will be touched to the First Class Relic of the True Cross and will receive our community's prayers for the month it was purchased.  




Some of the blessings connected with the St. Benedict medal are the following:


1. Warding off temptation 
2. Obtaining the conversion of sinners, especially before death
3. Easing of pain for women during labor 
4. Help in preserving purity 
5. Granting the grace of a happy death 
6. Protection during storms
7. Interceding for curing disease 


 Disclaimer:  Due to being handcrafted and the nature of wood, the shape  and size of the hearts are not exactly alike.  

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    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2015

    These hearts are beautifully made! I ordered 4 - one for my husband and each of my children. Each one is unique and different - they also each fit the one it was made for - as though it was made specifically for them! They came in different boxes to be kept in as well.

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